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This page was created to provide further information about glamour bombs in support of the Glamourbombing community on Livejournal. The views expressed here are entirely those of the creators of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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001 What is the objective of glamourbombing?

002 What is a glamour bomb not?

003 How did glamour bombing originate?

004 How does glamour bombing relate to paganism?

004.b How does glamour bombing relate to animism?

005 How does glamour bombing relate to the otherkin?

006 Isn't glamour bombing about "freaking the mundanes" or pretending to be a fairy?

007 Is glamour bombing subversive?

007.b Is glamour bombing a kind of terrorism?

008 Are there precedents to glamour bombing?

009 What are some examples of glamour bombs?

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